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Titan Walls by muros

July 17-25 | Chicago, IL

Chicago's First Mural Festival is going big in 2020

Titan Walls Origins

On July 27, 2019 Muros launched Chicago's first mural festival, Titan Walls. In partnership with the Chicago White Sox, Hope For The Day and District Brew Yards we brought together 6 local artists and a crowd of 2800+ people of all ages to celebrate art, music, great craft beer and the greatest city in the world–our hometown, Chicago!

Meet the 2019 titans
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jc rivera

A Chicago-based artist is best known for his signature Bear Camp character featured in large scale murals, bright canvasses and playful merchandise.

anthony lewellen

A multi-disciplinary artmaker and innovative figure within Chicago’s graffiti culture. His work evokes narratives written in urban landscapes like images torn from a story.

(sub)urban warrior

An artist with a distinct urban vibe, she blends both the influence of street and fine art into her work, paying homage to each of them in her own way.


A Chicago-based artist who is known for his distinct signature character Dipso the monkey. His work often creates disconnected floating environments.

jesse hora

This artist's work never strays far from the playful, while remaining detailed and thoughtful. His versatile skill set has lead him to become commercially successful, working with a wide range of major brands and local businesses.


This artist’s groovy color palette makes his art stand out from the crowd. He jams out by creating public art, live paintings, and creating art pieces with raw, colorful expressions that burst out of every piece.

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